I call myself Viviane Phemba Tsasa. I was born 31 October 1970 to Kangu, in the contry of the low Congo in the R.D. of the
Congo. To the age of eight years, while I was to school, I fell from a tree. It was 10 February 1978.
My father carried to me in Belgium (Brussels) when it was too much late in order to make up for. I still rest for two years in order
to make re-education and re-abilitation.
I returned to my country condemned to living on wheelchair
for one fracture of the vertebral column to D8 level.
The life in the Congo (former-Zaire) on a wheelchair with all the
problems connected to the paraplegia has been extremely hard, I lived without that it was necessary to me, from the wheelchair to the same necessary medical controls.
Many times accommodated in hospitals and policlinicals of the country for many problems which had to the plagues.
I have lived the abandonment of the parents, obliged to living for the road. I was one child of the road on one wheelchair.
The first wheelchair that I have had is the only wheelchair that it
has never had.
I have been able to study thanks to one person known in the course of my stay to Brussels.
To 14 years they are felt obliged to rent one hut to me to the aim to
recover from the road my brothers and sisters. They are formation taylor, with the job that I made and other small commerce has succeeded to make to study my brothers and my sisters and
has thought next to the others, especially to the children whom the my difficulties had same (even if theirs were smaller). I have taken in protection the small [... ], from 1996 till now I have carried aids to the children in their houses, not having neither possibility neither place in order to hold them with me.
When I found myself to the end of the way of my life, because of a
plague and of a fracture to the leg not cured, still succeeded to find
an aid. It was therefore that I knew my Italian family that it made me to arrive in Italy in order to see de I had of the possibilities to being cured. After one long suffering of four months to the C.T.O. of Florence I have recommenced to living.
Before returning to my country I have spoken about my children adopts and if it were possible to receive of the aid.
The Viviane foundation is been born thanks to a group of "Elba not
Limts", Soriano Ceccanti and my Italian family. The foundation exists because there are of the persons who put us
their determination, the will and their love. The foundation has children who depend to 100% from she, and is for that has need of generous persons of heart and whom they comprise the objectif and the foundation of this work.
For this I ringrazio especially mine brother Jean Tsasa,
administrator in order now of the foundation, for all which has made and donated for it.
I say thanhs all the persons who have dedicated themselves to this work and pray the God who blessing and aids their sons.